Mia Khalifa – One Lucky Guy Fucks To Arabs Girls


I’ve always had a fantasy that went a little something like this: When my step-mom finds out I’m dating an American man, she’s just about lost shit. Thankfully, we’re a sweet conservative family that is level headed and reasonable. So naturally, we have a competition to see who can please my boyfriend better to determine whether I could keep dating him or not. Standard, right? Let’s be honest for a second; I was apprehensive about having a threesome in general let alone with my STEP MOM, but taboo seems to be my middle name. Making a reenactment of this fantasy opened a mental door for me that lead me to want to venture out into the other side of threesomes, but we’ll get to that in my next video. I’m so happy I get to archive all my dirty deeds and deepest darkest fantasies in one place for you guys. XOXO

Date: June 13, 2017

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