Fake Driving School – Young Ebony Fucks To Pass The Exam


Fake Driving School – Pretty Kiki had her first lesson today in driving stick, and while she was nervous, she ended up exceeding expectations! I said she’d need at least forty lessons to master driving, but Kiki didn’t have that kind of money. Instead, she wanted to work out some deal or exchange so she could continue. First, she offered to provide me with baked goods, as she’s a professional chef in training, but that wouldn’t cut it. Then she crept her hand onto my pants and starting touching my, making me as nervous as she was! But being a horny man, I let her do her thing. The sexy learner gave me an awesome gagging blowjob and rode me in the backseat in full daylight! I even left her with a creampie that dripped all over the backseat of the company car. Kiki promised that if I dropped the price of lessons to fifty percent, we could have this same kind of fun at every lesson. I told her she had a deal–as long as nobody finds out!

Date: June 9, 2017