Fake Driving School – Ebony Girl Fails On Her Test


Fake Driving School – I picked lovely Lola up today to drive her to the testing center for her driving test! On the way there, I checked in to see who the examiner was, and of course, it was Jasmine: the toughest in the biz! And once we got to the testing center, Jasmine gave me such a hard time, and I was sure Lola would fail. Sure enough. Later, when I spoke to Lola, she told me Jasmine failed her because she forgot her seatbelt! And Jasmine being Jasmine, she had the beautiful ebony student’s clothes off within minutes and was trying to swap some pussy eating for a chance at a make-up test. Poor Lola had to let Jasmine suck on her big natural tits, then make the mean examiner cum over and over, just for a chance to get on the road! But she confessed she had a great orgasm, and Jasmine was super fucking hot, so what can I say? Like always, that sexy bitch Jasmine got what she wanted!

Date: June 10, 2017