Anal sex for my new car


Some of the sexy models making it to Fuck N Drive are oh so eager to start driving themselves – eager enough to do anything in exchange for a driving license. This is where their driving instructors get their share of the fun, along with tons of pleasure. And they are not the only ones – our ladies addicted to speed hitch rides to have sex, race to have sex!!
Suzy was going to trade her old Mercedes for a Corvette, but that kind of deal didn’t seem like an even trade to the car dealer. Poor Suzy didn’t have any money to pay the difference, but she has already fell in love with this car! There was only one thing she could offer the dealer to complete the deal – her sweet booty. Who can possibly refuse from such a fine piece of ass? No one! The dealer rammed his cock deep up that tight butt hole and when Suzy was sprayed with cum, the deal was made!

Date: May 30, 2017
Pornstars: Angel Rivas

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